Basement Seepage water Harvesting

Basement Seepage or basement spring is the concentrated discharge of groundwater appearing at the surface as a current of flowing water. Mostly in cities for construction of big buildings, usually deep excavations are carried out below the ground even in the hard rocks. Many times, during these constructions’ aquifers are either punctured or partially removed or totally removed. Wherever the aquifers are cut/damaged the groundwater comes out in the form of seepages or spring/s. The seepage or spring discharge varies in time and space. In most of the cases this seepage water is being pumped out from the basements/ parkings etc and discharged into the municipal drainages. This is nothing but sheer wastage of good quality and quantity of groundwater. This can be used as a source of artificial groundwater recharge for the down below or deep aquifers using existing borewell or through a creation of injection borewell called Recharge Shaft. Hence it is necessary to check the chemical and bacteriological quality of the seepage or spring water. If both are within permissible limits, then only it should be considered for artificial groundwater recharge.

Recharging of Basement Seepage through an Existing Borewell

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Recharging of Shallow Basement Seepage through an Injection Borewell
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